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Here's a puzzle game I made where you can interact and solve puzzles with Pokemon. There's a lot of Pokemon to meet and different things to try, so take your time and have fun with it!

This game is fun if you explore it and find some of the surprises for yourself. But there are also some things you might not understand. Be cautious if you choose to collaborate with other players in the comments below; you might find spoilers which make your experience less enjoyable. Happy puzzling~

Your game should save after every level, but this save file could be lost if your temporary files get deleted. If you want to make sure you don't lose your progress, I have included a password feature. On the Options screen on the main menu, you can view your name and password. When starting a new game, you can tell Grovyle your name and password to continue your progress. All of the Pokemon you've met will remember you, and you will retain any items you have purchased.

Join the Monster Mind discord server if you want to talk with other players

Made withHaxe
TagsErotic, pokemon
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial, One button


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the game has a weird bug that makes my browser crash when ever i enter a sex scene

i run across a glitch where it won't let me read one line of dialog... the first one

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i would like to see piss here

Weird game.


Game itself - 10/10 great

Dialogs - 11/10 fuck, I can't believe you actually wrote all of that, and the choices..

H scenes - Since the females are not much elaborated (pokemon with vagina) I feel like a gay pedo abit - 6/10

Overall you did a good job, but it could be fantastic if the h scenes (aka the rewards) will be better (make me feel like I'm fucking a feminite pokemon)

Thanks for experiencing your work!


the puzzles are interesting, afterwards.. even better


This game is great, but I saw in an earlier comment that you mentioned the possibility of mobile, and I'm curious if that's still something you're considering?


The characters are so fun! I enjoyed this game mostly because of them. Also the puzzles are nice.


I really hope this game gets transferred into HTML5, or even a downloadable EXE or something... I really don't want to see it go, because i love both the puzzle elements and the characters this game has to offer. Developer(s), if you end up seeing this, please do all you can to keep this fantastic project alive. 


There's a .swf version accessible through the page source on Newgrounds (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/721544).


Once you have the .swf file, you should be able to play it through Flash Player or some other appropriate program. End-of-life plans for Flash Player shouldn't matter as long as you keep an offline program around for this kind of thing. 

Granted, I haven't tried out the version on Newgrounds, and since it was uploaded December 5th of 2018 and this site's version was apparently updated on April 2nd of 2019, there may be some changes. I don't know what they are; hopefully just minor bug fixes.

Oh, also someone farther down in the comments posted a Google Drive link with a downloadable version (.swf again). It also appears to be some kind of cheat enabled version, and comes with a .txt with a list of cheats. I haven't confirmed whether they work, though. 


This game is really good, for multiple reasons: Fun enough puzzles (It's a porn game, cut it some slack), a good cast of characters, a good bit of fun to have with said characters, and more! I'm just sad that in 2020, this is going down since Flash is dying. I dunno if an HTML5 update is possible, but if so, can it happen? I don't wanna lose this...


I do wish that too... It's a really fun game that I've discovered recently, and I might not even be able to get a PC by 2020, since my other PC broke...


This game is one of my very favourites, it's so well done and clever, whenever I start playing I just get hooked all over again!

It's just incredible! One of the best interactive Pokemon fan games I've played!


This game Rocks dude! 

Can we have a quilava or charmeleon in the game?


This are some pokemon you can add, if you want:


Mewtwo (appears one in a limit time)





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Hey argon, can u release the character face files?
one of my friends want to do an rp about this game owo
and i really LOOVE THE GAME! its really cute! c:


Hey can you do a mobile version?

It would be nice because my pc is broke 


Mobile and downloadable versions are not out of the question, but would take maybe a month or two of work! I do not want to do this right now but it's something I can do in the future if something motivates it


I love this game, and I want to see more pokemons, so I can have even more fun. Thanks for making this game.


Thanks a lot! If I had all the time and hard drive space in the world I would add all the Pokemon I could. ...But each Pokemon involves about 100 hours of drawing and programming, and another 500k of space added to the SWF.

Maybe I can do more Pokemon if I hire an artist for the next game, or if I make it downloadable instead of web-based! We'll see


sorry, didn't know about that, I just like your stuff and thats all, from an artista to another, good luck

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I'm genuinely surprised to see how much time and effort went into making this game.  The more I play it the more intriguing it becomes to play and in addition you actually have to pay a little attention to your actions... and no I don't mean the puzzles nor "the sexy bit at the end".  I mean to think about the choices you make, it may not matter in every choice, however some choices you make actually have an impact on your game.

I'd agree with BuPa, 8.5/10.  Just needs a bit of polishing with some of them mechanics and maybe some additional features.


Thanks for the thoughtful review, you're right i put a lot of effort into both polishing this game and trying to add a lot of varied content. I'm glad you're enjoying the dialog on its intended level, you're right many of the choices don't matter but they still feel important, and I still feel too guilty to say certain things.


I never imagined there'd come a time in my life where I'd spend a workday with my thoughts drifting inexorably back to, 'Is it just my imagination that I failed time and again to properly satisfy a chubby, digital bug girl last night?'

8.5/10 game so far, and I feel like I'm only scratching the surface.


thanks, glad you liked my game! i hope you satisfied the chubby digital bug girl  in the end~


please make a downloadable version, it runs slow in the browser

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Try this then click download either colored blue in the center or found in the top right with down arrow.  It still runs on Chrome but it IS faster, at least for me . There are also cheats and an end game-ish password in there if you want to use em.


I do not get it


I love this game, my only complaint (if you can even call that) is the dialogue option when Buizel mentions their shorts reads "They're comfy and fun to wear" when what you were probably trying to reference was the line from that one Youngster in the classic games, "I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear." Once again, mega nerd criticism, I wouldn't change anything else. 


Oh yeah, absolutely true on the Buizel line! ...I'll fix it next time I release.

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Love this adorable game! I have a feeling I'll be returning to it long into the future, even for non-horny reasons. It's so simple yet so deep- I won't elaborate for fear of spoiling it for others, and since I haven't really gotten far in.  The touching controls can be a bit fiddly, but are still good enough to be immersive. My one complaint would be with, at the beginning of the game when you're customizing stuff, if you pick "I don't know" or "It's complicated" for your own gender, Grovyle will refer to you as "So you're a boy or a girl..." which wouldn't be true of everyone, especially if they've opted for a nonbinary option. It's one bit in the game, and everyone refers to you as "they" from then on, but still. Not to say that I dislike the game because of it; I really honestly do love it! I just thought you might appreciate my attempt at constructive criticism. Again, lovely game, definitely a favorite.

Also, the Discord link seems to have expired. Was that on purpose?  I'd love to join if it's still a thing, but if not, I understand.


Sure, fair enough on the nonbinary knock, I could imagine an agender person being annoyed at being clasified as a boy or a girl

I just fixed the discord link, sorry! We had to change it a few months back because of some troublemakers.

Glad you're enjoying the game, I hope you come back to it to finish it some day!


Spent hours on it. It's great!

Graphic Options doesn't help me though, If I put it on Low or Very Low the clicks' response time just gets longer. It's more of an issue of my hardware than the game though.

sorry yeah! it's pretty intense on resources. glad you could still enjoy the game!

is there any way you could make it downloadable?


this was really well made for what it is